Friday, April 24, 2015

Stop, Swap and Roll (and a Giveaway!)

We are so excited to share this post! We are participating in the Stop, Swap & Roll Linky party hosted by Jungle Learners. Such an awesome idea that brings so many amazing resources to thousands of blog readers!

We were fortunate enough to team up with Kim at Quintessential Lessons. Kim is a 5th grade math focus teacher who loves to get students excited about math. She strives to create games and activities that students enjoy while teaching and reinforcing key concepts. She also loves hands-on activities and getting the students up and moving. She tells us that it makes her day when her students ask to do the activities again. So crazy funny because that is exactly the response we got from our kiddos when they finished Kim's fantabulous activities earlier this week!

Check out Kim's Blog, it is packed full of activities and ideas to get your kiddos excited about

Kim was kind enough to share her Fraction Bundle which includes three games your kiddos will LOVE!

Fractions is the biggest unit we teach in fourth grade and one of the most challenging for our kiddos. The way it works with our curriculum guide we spend the better part of November, December, and January on fractions. Mollie and I like to try and review fractions all spring to keep the skills fresh. Usually our announcement of some fraction practice brings on several moans and groans from our kiddos but that will not be the case again now that we have shared Kim's activities. 
The Fraction Bundle includes three games: Fraction Go-Fish, Fraction Hunt, and Fraction Shipwreck. 

Fraction Go-Fish puts a great twist on a classic game. 

Students will love practicing their knowledge of mixed numbers and improper fractions in groups of 2 or 3.

Students each start out with four cards and work to make pairs by matching an improper fraction with a mixed number. I loved that my kiddos had to look at their card and ask an opponent for the card they were searching. For example, if a kid had five-thirds in their hand, they would have to ask another player if they had one and two-thirds in order to make the pair. It gave them such great practice converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers.

Fraction Hunt was by far my kiddos' favorite game! The game has three types of cards. The first type is simply a fraction that is not in simplest form (these cards do not have bears on them so they are easy to separate). This is the card that you will hand out to each student participating in the activity (you an also have kids work in partnerships). The other two types of cards are simplified fractions, one in number form and one in picture form. These are the cards you will post all over the room.

First of all, it was a blast finding places all over the room to post the cards. It reminded me of hiding eggs for an Easter egg hunt! I placed the cards on walls high and low, furniture, windows, and even the ceiling. Kids loved having to actually "hunt" for the cards, especially knowing that they were looking for specific cards to match their own. I have a very active class this year so the planned movement was exactly what they needed. It amazed me how focused they were!

Fraction Shipwreck is another game that includes movement and gives students practice with identifying the simplified form of various fractions.

Four fraction posters are posted on four different walls. Kids gather in the center of the classroom and the teacher holds up a card with a fraction on it. Students have to go to the wall that shows the simplified version of the fraction. Kim mentioned that this is a great activity to do in the classroom OR the gym. We did it in our classroom and it worked great but I would love to do this in our gym when we have one of those pesky indoor recesses due to weather!

If a fraction is held up that does not have a simplified version on the wall, students have to "swab the deck" and pretend to mop the deck as a pirate might do.

Of course my kiddos loved yelling "Arghhh" in their best pirate voice as they "swabbed the deck". In addition to swabbing the deck, the stack of cards the teacher draws from to show the students includes 8 movements that the students have to act out. My favorite was the "Crow's Nest" where students curled their hands around their eyes to resemble binoculars. They were adorable!!

My kiddos loved participating in all three of these activities and I don't think I will ever hear a groan again when we practice our fraction knowledge as long as we are able to practice by completing one of these activities.

To celebrate our swap, Kim is giving away her Fraction Bundle to one lucky winner. If you are interested in sharing this amazing activities with your kiddos, enter the Rafflecopter below to win your very own bundle!
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Only one winner?? No worries! Kim has ensured you are all winners this weekend by placing her entire store 20% off!!! Check out her store, Quinnessential Lessons to grab her Fractions Bundle or one of her other amazing resources 20% off!

Don't forget to check out all of the amazing resources that have been swapped by visiting Jungle Learners or clicking on the links below. 


  1. Gotta love a game that forces kids to get up and move around the room!
    Primary Teaching Resources

    1. We need a lot of planned movement for our kiddos this year and these activities were AWESOME!

  2. Thank you for sharing Mollie & Amy, this pack looks like so much fun! I hope you've had fun with the swap, thank you for participating! :)

    Jungle Learners