Saturday, July 2, 2016

Schools Out Blog Blowout!

We are so excited to join some awesome bloggers for the School's Out Blog Blowout! We have some amazing things in store for you, so be sure to hop from blog to blog so you don't miss a thing! Thank you so much to Sarah Koves over at Kovescense of the Mind for hosting the hop and for organizing everything! 

Amy here! So each and every summer I like to create a bucket list. Of course I shoot for the moon and usually am able to check off a good chunk of the items, but never all! Maybe this summer is my summer! Here is a glimpse at some of the things I hope to do/accomplish this summer!

1) Take my kiddos to Michigan Adventure. We are Michiganders and I am embarrassed to say we have not made it to this awesome park. My family went every year when I was growing up. I remember going when it was still Deer Park Funland! I can't wait to see my kiddos floating down that awesome lazy river! 

2) Paint my living room. Seems like a small enough task but when I say living room, it really will end up being the kitchen, dining room, AND living room since it is really just one big space. Not to mention it has VERY high ceilings. We are hoping to move within the next year, so it is a MUST!

3) Go with the entire family to a Whitecaps baseball game. We went last year and it was AWESOME! My kiddos had a blast and it was fun for them to experience their first game with my dad. The game ended up having 30 million innings (okay maybe not quite 30 million, but close) so we were not able to stay for the fireworks. This summer, game AND fireworks!

4) Organize my scrapbooking stuff! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Apparently, I have a problem. The problem is, I buy A LOT of scrapbooking supplies but only scrapbook once a year! This means the the supplies just keep growing and growing but the scrapbooks are not. 

5) Take my kiddos camping. This seems simple enough but there is one small problem... I am more of a camp by day and Holiday Inn by night kind of girl. My hubby is the camper and I know he would LOVE it if we all went camping together. My girls would LOVE it. I'm just a little less enthusiastic. I feel like I might need to take one for the team...

Another item on my bucket list is to read more! I want to read more professionally and I want to read more just for fun! One book that I would like to read professionally is The Innovator's Mindset: Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity by George Couros. I am committed to changing the mindset of my students and to facilitate the development of thinkers! This book seems like a great way to continue growing in this way! 

Another book I would like to read (but just for fun) is Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarity. I loved her previous book What Alice Forgot and I am excited for her newest book!

I can't think of anything better than a freebie! Wait... how about a hop full of freebies! YES, PLEASE! For this week only, we are posting our September Word Study and Interactive Notebook pack for free! Yup! FREE! All week! This is a new way to approach word study. It gives students an opportunity to look at some of the most commonly used prefixes and suffixes and to practice using them in a variety of engaging ways. This program is designed to give students the information they need to read, write, and understand unknown words. Enjoy! 

More fun?!?! YES! Enter the School's Out Blog Blowout giveaway to win a $100 gift certificate to spend on Teachers Pay Teachers! Good luck!!

School's Out Blog Blowout

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