Saturday, October 24, 2015

Trick or Treat Blog Hop

We have been counting down the days to this amazing Blog Hop that we are so fortunate to have the chance to participate in! A huge thank you to Rachel Parlett over at Classroom Game Nook for organizing everything! You are amazing!

There are over 50 bloggers participating in the Tricks and Treats Blog Hop. It doesn't matter where you start, but you will definitely want to make your way through the entire circle of blogs because educators from all over are sharing amazing tips, giving every reader a sweet little freebie as well as the opportunity to register to win awesome resources! After gathering your goodies on each blog, simply click the button at the end of the blog to hop on over to the next!

Mollie and I have loved using stations as a way to individualize our reading instruction. When we redesigned our classrooms a little over a year ago (check out this Classroom Design post to read all about it!), we realized that it was no longer realistic to have designated station spots. It took away the choice of work space that we were eagerly offering our kiddos, it also felt very restricting when we were actually designing our classrooms. we needed an alternative.

We stumbled on the idea of housing all of our materials in binders! It ended up being the perfect solution! We 3-whole punch any graphic organizers or activities we want the students to complete during their station time which allows the students to place the completed activities in their own Literacy Binders.

We use station labels along with student numbers to assign who is in which station. The first person in each group is in charge of grabbing the Literacy Station Binder as well as putting it away.

This has been a compact, organized way for us to continue Literacy Stations in our classrooms without the hassle of finding space for each station.

Now for a sweet treat! For the past three years we have enjoyed expanding our students' vocabulary and word knowledge. We are working to instill a love of words in our kiddos and I dare say they are enjoying it just as much as we are! Check out our Word Study and Interactive Notebook for November. This resource is normally $6.50 but we have made it free just for you this week! We include our November word list but the activities can be used with any words! Enjoy!

If you like the November Word Study pack, you will definitely want to enter our giveaway! We are giving away our Year-Long Word Study Pack! Good Luck! 

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