Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Sale for the Super Bowl!

We are kicking off February and celebrating the Super Bowl with a storewide sale. Everything in our store is 20% off this weekend.

If you are looking for some awesome resources for this time of year, here are a few ideas!

This unique resource for President's Day asks students to look at famous quotes from presidents to infer what they mean as well as to identify what they say about the type of person the president was.

Our kiddos just completed this activity last week. It was a great opportunity for them to practice their line plot building skills as well as work collaboratively to complete a task. Kids also took time to analyze their line plot.

If you haven't checked out our Word Study units, take advantage of the sale and grab the February pack. It provides students with activities to ensure that they are going beyond memorizing a spelling list. Our word study looks at 7-8 words a month, breaks the words into parts, and uses those parts to spell and understand new words. Our kids love the activities and building their Word Study Notebook each month.

Happy shopping!

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