Welcome to our products page! On this page we will keep you updated on all the different types of products we sell at our Teachers Pay Teachers store. Posted below are just a few our best-selling classroom tools! To visit our store, click the TPT flag at the top of our page or click the store widget on the sidebar. Thanks for stopping by!

* Bar Modeling Posters:

This product provides teachers with tools to guide students through solving math problems with bar models. The first set of posters includes one example bar model problem from each grade level. The purpose of these posters is to remind/review the concepts of bar models that was taught in previous grades. The second group of posters demonstrate four main types of bar models that students can apply to a story problem. The last set of posters contains sequential steps to utilizing bar models when solving math story problems.

This document has been used as a PowerPoint presentation in our classrooms. It really helped the students to clarify their understanding of bar models up to this point. This document was also placed on our websites for parents to access when working with their child. 

* Fractions and Line Plots: A Spring Collection:

Your class will love these spring themed task cards that teach students how to create a line plot with fractions! These cards include real-world situations that your class can relate to in order to help them understand the steps involved in this difficult process. In our product, we explain how we have used this download in our own classrooms, but they can be used in multiple ways. It's all up to you! Check it out! 

Included in this product is the following: 

- Steps for Creating a Line Plot Handout
- 6 Group Task Cards (with answers)
- A set of questions to go with EACH task card (with answers)
- Two example activities (with answers)

* Math Academic Vocabulary: Common Core Fractions Word Wall and Activities: 

This is a perfect product to enhance your Common Core Aligned Fractions Unit. Your purchase includes: 

- A breakdown of the fourth grade Common Core Fractions standards showing skills students need to know, understand and demonstrate. 
- Vocabulary posters with definitions and examples - each poster is a half page for easy viewing from anywhere in the room
- Vocabulary and example matching cards
- Vocabulary and example cards can also be cut for students to take home to practice
- "I have... Who has..." cards for small group or whole group practice of vocabulary words
- Concept Connections worksheets for students to demonstrate their understanding of fraction vocabulary through writing

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